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A musical mosaic spanning five centuries

Brilliant Classics 94871 • September 2014

Music by Desprez • Cabezón • Victoria • Handl • Tye • Coprario • Holborne • Johnson • Tallis • J.S. Bach • Boismortier • Frenzel • Reger • Caldini • Geysen • Nasopoulou

Taracea is the Spanish word for an inlaid decorative work made from small pieces of different coloured woods and other fine materials, arranged to form intricate geometric shapes. For this CD, we sought a collection of contrasting, masterful works that would 'slot together' to form a harmonious, yet stylistically varied mosaic. We have paid special attention to the repertoire that we consider to be the golden ages of consort playing: the Renaissance and our own time, and made excursions into music from other eras - in particular the Baroque and the earlier 20th century.

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Gorgeous buzzing sounds of which you cannot get enough, resulting in truly enchanting and perfectly balanced chords.

Koen Dieltiens


January 2016