El aire se serena

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Music from the courts and cathedrals of 16th-century Spain

Brilliant Classics 94871 • February 2016

Works by Antonio & Hernando de Cabezón • Caroso • Desprez • Guerrero • Lobo • da Milano • Morales • Peñalosa • de la Torre • Vásquez • Verdelot • Victoria

The title, taken from the Ode to Francisco de Salinas by Fray Luis de León, invokes the tranquility of some of the motets and love songs on this record. Our main goal behind this eclectic collection is to revisit ideals and practices which were essential in the 16th century which seeks to find structure and balance, just intonation, ornamentation and text expression. The ensemble also aims to display the masterful beauty of Renaissance music and to suggest a variety of moods and emotions that may also speak to the heart and soul of the contemporary listener.

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Gorgeous buzzing sounds of which you cannot get enough, resulting in truly enchanting and perfectly balanced chords.

Koen Dieltiens


January 2016